Provide different configs for each host in inventory

I have an inventory built out with multiple devices for example:


Once my inventory is initialized i pull a list of configurations that I want to push to each device, these are static configs.

I can’t seem to figure out how to specify which config file to send to each of the devices.

I was able to filter based on the name and do the run(task) but while that works, it does them all serially instead of threaded at the same time.

If I don’t filter, then it just loops through each device pushing the configs for the other 3 devices as well:

Demo mockup:

In this instance, it works, but processes each device one after another

     # function called after init of nr
 def BuildTempTemplates():
    for hostname in nr.inventory.hosts:
    thisdevid = nr.inventory.hosts[hostname].data['deviceid']
    print("Processing " + hostname)

	# This creates a temp file named deviceidconfig.text with the configs I want to push (2config.txt)
	MyTempTemplate = BuildTempConfig(str(thisdevid)
	device = nr.filter(devinvid=thisdevid)
    result =, dry_run=True,
                        name="Pushing Generated Configs", filename=MyTempTemplate, replace=False)

if I remove the device = nr.filter…

Then it will loop through all 4 devices pushing all 4 generated configs to each device which I do not want as each config is different depending on the device

So how can I specify a per device configuration and have it push to all devices with the amount of workers I selected (10)?

Looks like I figured it out. there is a variable that can be accessed and I was able to key off of that to know which host I was currently working with in the loop of hosts in inventory