Panos get show commands while in configure mode

Hi is there a way we can get show command outputs from panos device? I have a project and needed to get show output from the firewall while on configure mode. With Netmiko, I’m able to do this by.

pn = {
    'device_type': 'paloalto_panos',
    'host':   '',
    'username': 'user',
    'password': 'pass',

pn = ConnectHandler(**pn)
pn.send_command('set cli config-output-format json')
pn_addresses = pn.send_command('show shared address')
pn_services = pn.send_command('show shared service')

It looks like netmiko’s config_mode() method isn’t currently supported in nornir. Unable to use netmiko_send_command(command_string=‘configure’) method in nornir as that gets stuck, same goes with netmiko, so need the config_mode() method prior to doing send_command while in configure mode. Help anyone?

I do this with nornir and was able to get the desired show command output from the firewall in global mode (firewall> prompt).

nr = InitNornir('nrFiles/config.yaml')

devices = nr.filter(F(name='firewall'))
result =
    name='Get interfaces',
    command_string='show interface logical'


this works, it properly gives me the output from the command_string command.