Nornir textFSM example

do we have support for textFSM with Nornir? or I will have to rely on netmiko module? is netmiko integrated with Nornir for textFSM usage, any example to achieve similar?

if yes, how can I do that? can you point me to the documentation link?

I guess I found a way, here is how its working:
result =
command_string=“show ospf neighbor”,


{ ‘address’: ‘’,
‘dead_time’: ‘32’,
‘interface’: ‘xe-0/1/0.0’,
‘neighbor_id’: ‘’,
‘priority’: ‘128’,
‘state’: ‘Full’}

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Here are more details on Netmiko and TextFSM. This is essentially what is being used above in the Nornir context:

This doc provides details on how to integrate Netmiko to ntc-templates.