Netbox inventory: how to get username/password from NB secrets?

Am trying to use Netbox inventory plugin as a source for my Nornir inventory. I have things basically working, except for username/password, and port:

Can I use the login-credentials secret in Netbox for the device u/p somehow? If so, how can one do this?

No, that integration is not there at this stage.

Right now you’ll have to load the inventory using the plugin & then use another way to set username/password (using defaults or a transform_function).

Using defaults could look like this:

nr.inventory.defaults.username = username
nr.inventory.defaults.password = password
nr.inventory.defaults.connection_options["netmiko"] = ConnectionOptions(
    extras={"secret": password}
nr.inventory.defaults.connection_options["napalm"] = ConnectionOptions(
        "optional_args": {
            "secret": password

Great, this works for now - thanks.