Napalm cli module

Can I use nornir napalm to execute or run cli command which is not defined in NAPALM? I am using JUNOS device. I want to capture show system processes extensive and want to use NAPALM.

From Ansible: use napalm_cli
Form Salt: use napalm.junos_cli
From Python/nornir: use cli

Python nornir NAPALM to execute junos command. Do you have example snippet?


#!/usr/bin/env python3
from nornir import InitNornir
from nornir.plugins.tasks.networking import napalm_cli
from nornir.plugins.functions.text import print_result
import sys

# Limit traceback details
sys.tracebacklimit = 0

nr = InitNornir(config_file='config.yaml')

result =
    commands=["show system processes extensive"]

Thanks for your help gmcms, it helped:

result = napalm_cli, commands=['show system processes extensive | match rpd', 'show system processes extensive | match mem'])


You’re welcome
You can use regex rather than sending two times the same Junos command…

Yeah it was more of to test to see if it takes two commands in list or not.