NANOG 78 Talk on Nornir

Hi everyone,

I hope this is the right area to ask. About a month ago, I sent a proposal presentation for NANOG78 on how/why we’re moving to Nornir from Ansible for our network operations. The talk originally discussed network automation in general and how we’re approaching it with Nornir. Based on the feedback so far, there is a growing interest in covering Nornir more in detail. With that, I am updating the presentation to cover:

  • Introduction to Nornir
  • Getting started with inventory and basic tasks
  • Data structures, comparisons between Ansible and Nornir
  • Examples of what we’re doing so far
  • Performance testing – Testing on actual instances/devices, mock testing
  • Future projects – integration with other systems, event-based automation, etc

I wanted to first make sure I was permitted to use Nornir’s logo, links to documentation, discourse, etc. in the presentation. Secondly, if there are any suggestions on content you’d like to see in something like this, please let me know! I appreciate your time!


Feel free to reach out directly to me if you want to discuss this more in detail or if you need any help but the TLDR is “yes”.

Re the materials, feel free to link to any public documentation, podcast, previous preso, etc. The project’s README has some links and there is also this which are the slides for a workshop I gave at ipspace

Re content, I guess it depends on the audience, the time you have and the message you want to give but an idea could be an introductory preso that answers the questions “why should I care? how does it compare to X? how easy it is to build things with this? What can I build with this?”

Re the logo you are also good there, just respect the ratio if you need to resize and don’t make more changes than necessary.

Thank you @dbarrosop, I appreciate the feedback and info. I cut it a little close for timing on this conference, unfortunately. In an effort to not rush things, I opted to rework and submit for NANOG 79 in June. This gives me a chance to better organize the content, and I will definitely reach out directly with any questions. Thanks again!

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