List of supported platforms?

I apologize if the answer is obvious, but I’ve been looking and looking and this seems like something that should be fairly front and center when reading the docs:

what are the codes for the supported platforms?

A simple page that says "If you’re trying to connect to X device, use platform code “X” would be extremely helpful. Instead I can only find hints and glimpses of what the platform codes are based on other examples I see. A comprehensive list would be extremely useful!

I know that if I’m trying to connect to a cisco ios xr device (like an NCS) I need to use platform code “iosxr”, but what if I’m trying to connect to a juniper device, or a brocade device? What platform code should I use then?

I remember having the exact same issue when I first started playing around with netmiko. I had to hunt to find what the supported platforms were. It was a while ago so I can’t remember how I found it, but I remember that I had to go digging through the code to try and find what platforms are supported and what string I need to put for each platform.

I do not think this documentation exists for netmiko. I would say the best way is to have a look at the github directly. For example for netmiko you can find the list of supported devices here:

there is no such a thing as “supported platforms”. Due to its pluggable architecture you can find many plugins and those plugins may support different platforms and have different codes. As it’s been advised, I’d suggest looking for netmiko and napalm plugins and check what they support in their respective documentations. There are other plugins like scrapli and netconf if you are interested.