Is there a paging limit when working with Netbox plugin/inventory

I have nearly 3.5k devices in Netbox.
Using Nornir(v 2.3.0) with Netbox Plugin I am querying if there are dmvpn tunnels on the 3.5k device and configuring a custom_field in Netbox depending on the result of that query.

Three times now my script has stopped around the same device. 1171 success in total. The script finishes gracefully with no errors. I’m wondering is there any kind of paging built into Nornir. Or is there an offset feature to start somewhere along your host list when filtering.

I know in Netbox you can specifying ?limit=0 in your API query to get all results returned and ?offset=100 to chose a starting point. Wondering if there is something else at play here in Nornir that I’m missing.

Or is this potentially too many tasks/querying running at the same time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Look like I was not closing connections in my custom task, I added the line below and have gotten past the stumbling block. Was probably killing my server by not closing connections, lol“napalm”)