In `nornir.core.Nornir` object, what is uses of `data` and `state` attrrib's?

Digging into the nornir.core.Nornir object - I see from debugging, that the data attribute seems to be an instance of the nornir.core.state.GlobalState holding the current state of the script so far ( dry_run bool and failed_hosts set), but state looks to be the nornir.core.state.GlobalState class itself?? What exactly is the difference between the two? (what is each “for”?) is the GlobalState object which tracks the things you mentioned.

I am 95% sure that nr.state (which maps to the GlobalState class is a leftover artifact that is no longer used and that can be removed from Nornir code). I would need to do some more testing/remove it to verify this.