Connection plugin read from inventory

Hi all,

I am trying to create a new Connection Plugin to be able to use a SSH Jump Server.
I will have to create a Connection Plugin because the jump server is not under my administration.

I have successfully created the Connection Plugin and the corresponding Network task plugin.

The intermediate jump servers have certain characteristics that I would like to model on the hosts.yaml data stanza.

For example, the jump server username password would be something as below:
- grp
jump_user: usename
jump_pwd: pwd

An on the connection plugin it would use those values as such:

class myclass(ConnectionPlugin):
parametersjump = {
“host”: configuration.user_defined[“jump_ip”],
“username”: configuration.user_defined[“jump_user”],
“password”: configuration.user_defined[“jump_pwd”],

However, I find that the configuration.user_defined is an empty dictionary {}

is there any other way I can achieve this goal other then hard coding the jumpserver ip/username/password on the myclass?