Confusing delay_factor


I’m kinda confused with the delay_factor.
To speed up netmiko_send_config I tried to lower the delay_factor to 0.1 but then I found out, that I also need to set the global_delay_factor to 0.1 to make that work.

I also tried using fast_cli, but that is breaking all my show commands …

I think I’m just using it wrong. But what’s the right way ?

Thanks for your help

delay_factor/global_delay_factor are generally intended to make things slower and not faster. The easy fix is to set fast_cli=True this is an argument to ConnectHandler.

is there a way to set fast_cli=True per command ?

If I enable it globally my show commands keep failing

You might to re-test with Netmiko 3.0.0 and with no fast_cli (i.e. with fast_cli=False which is the default).

And then see if that is fast enough.

But to answer your original question–no, fast_cli is a connection argument so it is not intended to be toggled for different commands. In general, if things break when fast_cli=True, then you should disable it and move back to the more reliable mode (i.e. fast_cli=False).