Cisco Genie fails to parse output when using > 1 inventory worker

The original issue was here:

Looking for discussion on possible work-arounds

pyATS | Genie developer here;

From this

    # Test of whether their is a parser for the given command (will return Exception if fails)
    get_parser(command, device)
    parsed_output = device.parse(command, output=raw_output)
    return parsed_output
except Exception:
    return raw_output

I am also confused why it would not work ? The output is provided to the parser, it isn’t using the connection.

The thread limitation is related to the connection to the device, which is also mostly working today. (Since ~July)

Is there a quick way for us to replicate this ?

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@jeaubin Okay, let’s move this back to GitHub:

As it is probably easier to track / work-on there.

I reproduced this earlier so I will post a test case there.