CI testing failing

Hello Folks,

I extended the NB plugin to extract also the Virtual Machines from the NB. For the pull request, the CI is failing and as a result, I cannot create an error free pull request.

I understood what is the root cause, but do not know how to solve it as I had never worked with requests_mock before. I tried the whole day yesterday and could not fix the issue.

The cause is that in the , there are two urls : one for the physical devices and other for the virtual devices. During the pytest phase, the requests_mock stores all the different urls that are parsed from the When it sees the second url, it will not match and exits with the error

lib/python3.8/site-packages/requests_mock/ NoMockAddress

We need to somehow reset the adapter after every url is parsed and I do not know exactly how to do it. If any one of you in this group is having a better knowledge than me, please help me out.

The pull request is at